10.  The vet brings a step-ladder for preg-checking.         

 9.  When five or more are in the pond, the water runs over the spillway.

 8.  It quickly becomes obvious that the new yearling bull is height-challenged.

 7.  The big round bale you dropped off is gone before you get to the gate.

 6.  You could put your ranch name and address — including zip code — on your branding iron.

 5.  The squeeze chute won’t squeeze.

 4.  In a nice way, the county agent suggests rethinking your EPD trait selection strategy.

 3.  Judging by the height of your corral, folks think you’re raising exotic animals.

 2.  The cows eat over the tops of the bale feeders — the big cone-types.

 1.  You’ve been forced to buy one of the Budweiser Clydesdales for a rope horse.

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