10.  Apparently, he’s exploring the use of cedar trees as a cover crop.

 9.  Leaving fall crops in the field until January reduces storage charges.

 8.  Free-range poultry project seems to be having a positive impact on the coyote population.

 7.  Never supplementing the cow herd saves money and those cows just seem to cull themselves.

 6.  It may look like strip tillage but it’s actually just that his equipment is half-shot.  

 5.  His exclusive 17-way cross breeding system eliminates breed bias at the sale barn.

 4.  He earned a national award because his soybean field was mistaken for a wildlife habitat project.

 3.  His spring-calving cows and his fall-calving cows swap places every other year.

 2.  His rotational grazing program involves his cows jumping the fence into your pasture once his grass is grazed down to pool table level.

 1.  The theory seems to be that the johnsongrass will get so thick it’ll choke out the cockleburs.

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