10.  The shiny thing you spotted on the ground looks suspiciously like the grill of a ‘72 Buick and you wonder if the rest of the car is under there.       

 9.  Apparently, in the loan paperwork the banker okayed, there was an extra zero in the number of acres and a missing zero in the purchase price.

 8.  As it turns out, this is where they found a record-setting four glyphosate-resistant weed species.

 7.  The fences are, well, could you really still call them fences?

 6.  You get a voice mail message from the EPA and they have a long list of items they want to discuss with you.  

 5.  With a mile of monster hedgerows, every quail hunter in the county seems to think he has lifetime hunting privileges.

 4.  There is a musk thistle-sericea lespedeza-johnsongrass nursery on the backside.

 3.  That good-looking fishing pond is 500 feet wide and five inches deep.

 2.  What you originally thought were cow patties turn out to be the largest herd of armadillos in North America.

 1.  The soil test analysis comes back “Parking lot?”

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