10. An absolutely true story about a guy in Texas who had some steers electrocuted by electronic ID tags.

9. Ted Turner, the Mormons or some Japanese or maybe Chinese conglomerate is buying half the county.

8. How way over-priced those heifers were you bought at the sale barn (from the guy who had the reserve champion bid).

7. Who bought a new tractor and why he can’t possibly have the money to pay for it.

6. Theories on why the local football team is so bad (it’s the coach).

5. Assorted versions of the long-term weather outlook ranging from open and warm to a mini ice age.

4. A half-dozen ways we could end this Syria thing PDQ.

3. The real cause of global warming (Democrats … or Republicans)

2. What those blame drones buzzing around are really up to.

1. Why Walmart is ruining small towns and, by the way, did you know they had a heckuva sale on tires?