10. There’s a lot of sentimental value to a herd sire you raised on a bucket.

9. It’s less likely for cows with no teeth to over-graze a pasture.

8. Year-round calving spreads cash flow and bull power.

7. Your cows get plenty of exercise, stampeding every time the neighbor drives by with a big round bale on the back.

6. With a 7- or 8-, maybe 9-way crossbreeding system, the genetic possibilities are endless.

5. Nobody from the county cattlemen’s association pesters you about hosting a stop on the annual tour.

4. If stocker buyers are really looking for cattle to upgrade, look no further.

3. Your high-headed, wide-eyed calves give salebarn cowboys a chance to finally use all their skills.

2. The lack of a coherent nutritional strategy puts plenty of selection pressure on replacement heifer candidates.

1. A lot of your cows nurse two calves — this year’s and last year’s.

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