10. Farm fashion pride is out the window — if your wife’s pink floral muffler keeps you warmer, so be it.

Thus far, most of Oklahoma has experienced a relatively mild start to winter. Nonetheless, colder weather is likely to occur before spring time and green grass. The major effect of cold on nutrient requirement of cows is increased need for energy. To determine magnitude of cold, lower critic…


Misplace 10 percent of the year’s soybean crop and a farmer is sure to find himself scratching his head. Feed 10 to 40 percent of the same crop to a near microscopic, parasitic nematode and no one will see the difference.

10. 68% of ranchers can’t drive by a nativity scene without wondering who gets those hay bales after Christmas is over.

10. If there are cattle and horses in the street, it’s a roundup. If there are cattle, horses and a marching band, it’s a parade.

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