The Top Ten comments overheard

at the county fair:

10. I know they paid a ridiculous amount for that lamb because I had the next-to-last bid.

9. Say, wasn’t that your kid’s steer dragging the fresh-squeezed lemonade stand through the midway?

8. So, as it turned out, your car looked just like the one this guy had entered in the demo derby.

7. Best campground spot? Yeah, I heard they parked their camper there right after last year’s fair.

6. Well how the heck should I know you’re not supposed to eat the brownies on display?

5. Darn shame the steer judge left his seeing-eye dog in the car.

4. They were going to paint an “X” on the pig so she’d know which one was hers.

3. The last time I saw the county agent, five fair moms had him backed up against a porta-john.

2. Maybe we could convince the kids to show tomatoes next year.

1. Apparently the kid had three fried Snickers and rode the tilt-a-whirl—and it was just a coincidence the fair board president was standing right beneath it.


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