10. We hooked it to the computer and, well, I’ve never heard the computer laugh before.

9. Before we complete the repairs we’re going to have to get a lien on your farm.

8. It’ll probably be spring before we get to it—spring of 2011.

7. The parts are going to take a while to get here what with all the civil unrest in Czechzikistan.

6. We’ve got the new guy working on it—he used to fix golf carts.

5. But a complete overhaul is routine maintenance for this particular model.

4. Keep it away from dust and moisture and it’ll run fine.

3. We sold that tractor to a guy from Oklahoma—you sure that was your tractor?

2. Listen, if you want to sell this thing, my brother-in-law collects antique tractors.

1. Well, we did get the cup-holder fixed.


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