10. With the addition of a coat, hooded sweatshirt, vest and coveralls, she has approximately nine extra pockets to go through when she does laundry.

9. Since it’s dark earlier, her husband falls asleep in his chair sooner which means she can slip the remote out of his hand and still catch the last half of “Desperate Housewives.”

8. When her mother visits, he hides in the heated shop instead of out in the pasture.

7. She dusts off her annual lecture about what a good idea it would be to wear ear-muffs.

6. Knowing that one of the fall-calving cows will be late or one of the spring-calving cows will be early, the chances she’ll host a baby calf in her kitchen rise dramatically.

5. Instant tea appears on her shopping list less frequently but coffee and mouse trap purchases rise.

4. For a few months, she can quit feeling guilty about not doing any yard landscaping.

3. She learns to watch her step because the dog is now huddled up against the back door.

2. In addition to forgetting to carry in the groceries and fix the broken curtain rod, he now forgets to start her car in the morning.

1. The same guy who didn’t come in for supper until 10 p.m. just a couple of months ago now can’t understand why food isn’t on the table at 6.


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