10. She puts up with a guy who can keep track of a few billion kids and forgets to write down the check number when he buys reindeer feed.

 9. Running to town for parts takes on a whole new meaning when you live at the North Pole.

 8. She’s used to listening to Santa’s tirades about having to RFID-tag the reindeer.

 7. Doing the books for a high-volume, no-profit enterprise has production agriculture similarities some years.

 6. Mega laundry challenges include grease, manure and the potential for turning all the underwear red.

 5. Take a look at Santa—now, who do you suppose gets all the gates when they feed hay?

 4. Not only can she fix reindeer two dozen ways, she can keep it warm when Santa works late.

 3. She’s come to accept that Santa’s easy chair is a no-clean zone.

 2. She’s an absolute master at fibbing to sled salesmen that “he’s not here right now.”

 1. Who do you think gets stuck with chores on Christmas Eve?


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