10. There are all those eerie sounds out in the country—owls, coyotes, grouchy old farmers who have to get up out of their chairs when the doorbell rings.

 9. Before you leave, you may be able to con one of your unwitting town kid friends into, well, somehow completing a circuit with an electric fence.

 8. The mongrel dog chewing on something dead on the front step really adds to the spooky atmosphere.

 7. Since there’s a 50-50 chance the farmer will mistake you for an anhydrous thief, things can get pretty Western.

 6. As long as you don’t stop at that house where they give you pamphlets on the global economic conspiracy and homemade soybean clusters, you’re okay.

 5. Since they’ve prepared for about a hundred kids and you’re the only one, you’re going to get your sack full.

 4. Depending on the markets, the man of the house may be kinda grumpy but his wife is just happy to see someone who isn’t selling something.

 3. The farmer always has his house fixed up with that rustic, country look for Halloween—although, come to think of it, it pretty much looks like that year-round.

 2. Not only can you pick up treats, at some farms you can also steal eggs for the next house.

 1. Where else can you see a 1,200-lb. jack-o-lantern with 17 percent crude protein, 42.9 percent Neutral Detergent Fiber, 33.4 percent  Acid Detergent Fiber, 50 percent Total Digestible Nutrients, 20 percent Non Structural Carbohydrates and 0.94 Mcal/lb?


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