10. I’m very sorry you fell off your horse when Zeke, my pet emu, got loose. Perhaps you could bring your horse over so he and Zeke could become better friends.

 9. You should plant more of that shorter stuff instead of that tall stuff because the deer seem to like the short stuff better.

 8. Would it be possible for you to not drive your tractor-thing past our house before 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays?

 7. Here’s a number for a very good obedience school you may want to consider for that, that, whatever kind of dog that is.

 6. Would it be possible for your bull to not, well, maybe you could only turn him out at night.

 5. We’ve been feeding your cows bananas because we noticed they don’t get much fruit in their diet.

 4. Perhaps if you planted a field of thistle seed we’d have more finches and fewer crows visiting us.

 3. I’m worried that the new calves who arrived yesterday are unhappy—they cried all night.

 2. I realize your field is much bigger than our garden but if you would just plant marigolds around it you wouldn’t have to spray those toxic substances.

 1. A very thin and scruffy—but very polite—young man asked me where you parked all of those white tanks so I told him.


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