10. You wrote the note’s due date in the dust on your pickup fender and, well heck, rain wasn’t even in the forecast...

9. It would be premature to order fertilizer before Barack Obama’s team of economic advisers is in place.

8. You’re holding off on changing the oil in anything until it becomes clear that the barrel price has hit bottom.

7. Since your neighbor buys better bulls than you do, fixing the fence would be counter-productive.

6. You regard that row of junk machinery as a windbreak, wildlife habitat and your hold position in the metals market.

5. Didn’t you read somewhere that bull calves gain faster?

4. Allowing the johnsongrass to go to seed may be your best defense against the neighbor’s sericea lespedeza encroaching into your pasture.

3. Delaying harvest gives you an opportunity to better assess the standability of your corn and soybean cultivars.

2. Since your accountant charges by the hour, you don’t want to give him too much time to work on your taxes.

1. When it comes to those little honey-do projects around the house, it is absolutely critical that the moon sign be right.


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