10. In-triplicate request form required prior to digging a post hole.

 9. Brown eggs must be certified as brown by a federal egg shell pigmentologist.

 8. End-of-life counseling mandatory for feedlot cattle.

 7. Sericea planted to control erosion, voles introduced to eat sericea seed, ferrets released to control vole population, coyotes released to eat voles, wolves released to eat coyotes, hunters released to shoot wolves, sericea planted to cover land damaged by hunter traffic.

 6. One agency bans manure application to land, another bans storing it.

 5. Hay harvest on hold until Senate task force concludes twine vs. net vs. plastic wrap vs. loose stack study.

 4. Pecan grove owners required to wear hard hats from September to October.

 3. Herbicide treatments are only permissible by certified applicators and as soon as they quit arguing about how to certify those applicators, they’ll get back to you.

 2. For safety reasons, bale spears must be blunt-ended and made of foam rubber.

 1. The cost of a loaf of bread tops 10 bucks — farmer share: three cents.


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