10. The bale you grab right after bucking the last one up to the top tier will weigh 20 pounds less.

9. At least once a year you’ll take a swing at a loose bale and hit yourself in the shin with the hook.

8. Always keep an eye out for the somewhat irritated live snake that got baled up.

7. If you’re going to lose part of the load, it will be the back corner and you won’t know it until you get to the barn.

6. The big town kid you hired to help can’t go over three high.

5. With tight, wire-tied bales, you’ll have to climb up on the stack occasionally to retrieve your glove.

4. With discount twine-tied bales you’ll get an occasional prairie hay shower.

3. The stoutest guy on the crew ends up driving the truck.

2. Always try to get the job loading the elevator instead of being up in the loft where it’s 120 degrees and you have to dodge falling objects.

1. Never make the driver mad if you’re stacking by yourself.


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