10. If he’d graze his grass into the ground like you there wouldn’t be a problem.

9. Man, the siren on his feed truck really, really works.

8. There’s less coyote habitat over there.

7. Your cows seem to like to stand next to cows with fly tags.

6. It could be that your cows don’t have to get hock-deep in mud to get a drink on his side of the fence.

5. That bull he bought apparently has more than eye appeal going for him.

4. Not only does he feed cubes, he does it where your cows can see them.

3. Your cows only go through the left side of the fence.

2. He lures them over there with that high-dollar mineral mix.

1. He fertilizes so, you know, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. £

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