10. Tourists stop by and want to have their picture taken in front of the old one.

9. The Allis small round baler in the back can’t be dragged out because it’s holding up the roof.

8. An 87-year accumulation of pigeon droppings has placed a dangerous stress load on the beams.

7. You haven’t used the tie-stalls or cow stanchions since, well, ever.

6. It would have blown down long ago but it doesn’t slow the wind down much.

5. The hay mow and the hay feeding area are now just about level with each other.

4. You don’t have to go outside to check the sky for rain.

3. You read about some guy who found a priceless antique car buried in his barn.

2. The only tractor on the place that can get through the sagging door is the 8N Ford.

1. There may be some grant money available from Barack Obama’s program to replace decaying infrastructure.

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