10. Can you cure her enough to get her in the trailer?

 9. Leave her feet — if she could run she’d trample us.

 8. 57, 58, 59 (crash bang #%^* (@!) uh, 58, 59, 60 — darn, we’re two short!

 7. One horn, two quarters, three functional hooves and a body condition of 4 — she’s a 10!

 6. Turn her back out — she keeps the rustlers away.

 5. Well, maybe he did just settle 60% of the cows but I only paid half-price for him.

 4. That zombie cow must be one of the neighbor’s.

 3. They aren’t twins — the one that was nursing on the far side is last year’s calf.

 2. If we ever catch him again maybe we can sell him to a rodeo stock contractor.

 1. Doc, you said I oughta cull her 6 years ago but she’s had 3 awful good calves since then.

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