10. Put it behind your back, stuff it under your shirt—he can tell you’re hiding a halter and lead rope from a hundred yards away..

9. Odds are, he’s figured out that, if he balks at loading into the trailer, you’re going to romance him with a little extra feed.

8. He understands the laws of physics well enough to know that, if you’re leaning right and he zigs left...

7. Dumb animal that he is, he can spot the vet’s pickup and the horseshoer’s rig as soon as they pull in the drive.

6. He doesn’t need a wristwatch to know when it’s feeding time.

5. He knows precisely the right time to throw his head when you’re trying to squirt dewormer under his tongue.

4. Forget to lock his gate one time, just one time, and he’ll be trampling tulips in the yard as soon as you turn your back.

3. He’s smart enough to understand the statement, “I can catch this horse anywhere,” and then make a fool out of you.

2. Pull a hay trailer up to the corral and he’ll help you unload; pull the stock trailer up and he’ll be in the far corner trying to become invisible.

1. Pointed away from the barn, he’s a little tired and maybe even a bit gimpy. Pointed toward the barn, he’s Man O’ War reincarnated.

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