10.  He’s under the baler with a 5-foot cheater bar and every wrench in the place scattered around him.

9.  Anytime within a month after you accordioned the truck tailgate.

8.  He’s using loud and colorful language to threaten a cow with “going to town.”

7.  The chatty neighbor just left after two hours, driving a brand new pickup.

6.  He’s listening to the noon markets and the term “limit down” is employed.

5.  While he’s standing by the working chute trying to figure why he’s worked 50 head and has zero out of 100 doses left.

4.  Just after reading a text explaining his cows are scattered in the neighborhood of “kingdom come.”

3.  Reading a letter stating that, even though he didn’t attend the last meeting, he’s been elected chairman.

2.  Standing in the snow, he’s counted the big round bales five times and keeps coming up with the same number.

1.  Bookwork, anytime he’s doing bookwork.