10. First-time fair mom who grew up in town but managed to survive her hog barn experience.

9. Fair board member who rectified an issue despite being screamed at by parties on both sides.

8. Little kid who ate too much cotton candy before riding the tilt-a-whirl, got lost, was soaked in a wash rack water fight, got in trouble for snagging a bite from the five-day-old Grand Champion bundt cake and had one heckuva great time.

7. Bucket calf exhibitor who hung on despite his calf clearing the lawn chair section, kicking the ringman, and head-butting the judge.

6. Fair mom who unknowingly contributed $84 worth of hair care products to the extreme coifing of her son’s steer.

5. Judge who kept her cool perusing 187 identical tomatoes in a tin building with a busted fan.

4. Fair dad who restrained himself from penciling out the economics of his daughter’s eighth-place wether.

3. The fair queen who hung in there after realizing that winning the crown meant handing out every purple ribbon for four days while her friends were having fun.

2. Steer show judge who, despite grandstand misgivings, proved his experience by standing well off to the side when slapping the champ on the rump.

1. The county agent who, despite a very, very long week, decided, what the heck, she’ll do it again next year.