Farm Talk's Top 10
10.  The classic, “Did I turn the water off?”
9.  The dog is barking — normal — but wasn’t it accompanied by a human scream?
8.  Teenage son is coasting (almost) silently in the driveway long after curfew.
7.  #*&^! The loan payment was due today (clock reads 12:37) — yesterday!
6.  It’s that recurring nightmare where Oprah, Tom Brady and Pee Wee Herman launch an anti-beef campaign and you’ve got two pens in the feedlot.
5.  It just clicked the reason your wife seemed a little distant at supper is that your anniversary was yesterday.
4.  Wasn’t that first-calf heifer acting a little funny?
3.  The rumble of thunder and the realization you have a pickup full of seed corn parked outside.
2.  Wait a minute — was the field you sprayed today Roundup Ready or not?
1.  Yeah, Ma has popsicle toes.

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