10. You have to type in your password to get to the “Forgot your password?” form.

9. Seems like farmers are usually the ammo in a trade war.

8. People buy snack foods with the half-life of plutonium but insist on free-range eggs.

7. Folks in high-rise concrete jungles spend their time fretting about farmers abusing Mother Nature.

6. Computer-genius kids can’t count back change or read a clock with hands.

5. The acreage owner down the road waters the heck out of his lawn so he can mow it more often.

4. The smallest (and unreadable) word on the label of the shampoo his wife buys is the word “shampoo.”

3. A thousand acres of dirt and his wife buys potting soil at the farm store.

2. The fact they have to put warnings on herbicide labels telling you not to drink the stuff.

1. Politics — heck, anything about politics.