Farm Talk's Top 10

10. When the cows get out, you can just leave them there.

9. It’s going to solve a lot of spray drift issues.

8. If you don’t buy it, it’ll go to city folk who are going to complain about everything you do.

7. There’s a wall-hanger buck in there that’s been taunting you for years.

6. You can finally kill-out that musk thistle nursery that keeps “reseeding” your pasture.

5. It will dramatically increase your lender’s concern for your well-being.

4. Not having to fix your half of the fence is going to save a fortune.

3. USDA issues official ‘High Beef Prices Forecast to Last Forever’ report.

2. With global warming and the ocean rising, it may be beach-front property before long.

1. Tear the fence out and you’ll finally have room to turn that new planter around.

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