10. Communication: Explain to the miracle product salesman where he can go and provide directions for getting there.

9. Exercise: Forget your coffee so you have to climb up and down the tractor twice, throw tools when you’re mad, do Zumba with that one crazy cow in the sorting pen.

8. Look for silver linings: Take solace in the fact that the neighbor’s zombie apocalypse bull probably won’t have the energy to breach your fence.

7. Aromatherapy: Hang one of those little pine tree things on your wet dog’s collar.

6. Helping others: Assist the guy who's fishing without permission right back over the fence and on down the road.

5. Meditation: Visualize the jerk who bid up the 160 next door and chant, “I will get even, I will get even.” 

4. Relaxation: An easy chair, your favorite beverage and reading material guaranteed to put you to sleep. 

3. Channel feelings of aggression: Beat your freezing-up, data-losing computer to death with a hammer.

2. Express yourself: Hang out in the cereal aisle at the grocery store and tell everyone who comes by that you only get six lousy cents for every $4.49 box!

1. Seek productive solutions: Bribe the guy at the parts counter.