10. Your alarm goes off and, thinking it’s the bale monitor, you kick your wife in the shin reaching for the clutch.

9. You have a mental map of every gopher mound, crawdad hole and wasp nest in the meadow.

8. Spotting your 13th armadillo of the day, you lose it and jump the windrow trying to run him down.

7. Mid-sermon, you find yourself calculating how many bales you could stack in the church.

6. You’ve listened to so much talk radio your blood pressure is in the stratosphere.

5. You make a mental note to ask your broker to look into buying net wrap stock.

4. When it’s too wet to go in the morning, you drink coffee and stack Twinkies on the kitchen table.

3. You just can’t bring yourself to eat that cereal that looks like tiny hay bales.

2. You pull into the field with the baler and discover it hasn’t been mowed yet.

1. You know the difference between a “never mind” kerchunk and an “uh-oh” kerchunk.