10. When they open their front door in the morning, it looks like a jailbreak from the kennel club.

9. There doesn’t seem to be as much road-kill around as there used to be.

8. You could ski down the back of the old gelding tethered to the engine block in the front-yard.

7. The lady going door-to-door with the gun control petition seemed to leave their place in quite a hurry.

6. Not sure what was in it but they’re the first folks to bring a cooler to church.

5. Either one side of his bib overalls won’t snap or it’s a fashion statement.

4. Their cow herd has more colors, shapes and sizes than you knew existed.

3. They’re either wannabe taxidermists or just not very good at animal husbandry.

2. Apparently, if properly applied and in sufficient quantity, duct tape will tow a rusted-out stock trailer down the road.

1. You’ve seen people use a bathtub for a horse trough, but not while it’s still in the house.