10. Not only do you remember Uncle Joe from the Shady Rest Hotel at Petticoat Junction, you’re beginning to look like him.

9. A young farmer mentions something “going viral” so you suggest he call the vet.

8. Kids in your grandson’s first grade class have names like Preston and Kaileigh — not a Bill, Mary or Joe in the bunch.

7. The only web you’ve been on lately is the one that wrapped around your face while inspecting a grain bin.

6. Not taking typing in high school because it was “for girls” turned out to be a big mistake.

5. In the city you ask a kid if there’s a phone booth nearby and he says, “What’s a phone booth?”

4. The vet can’t understand why you got so upset when he suggested it was time to send the old bull to town.

3. This YouTube thing — it’s something you inflate, right?

2. You had to give up hunting because your creaking joints scare the game away.

1. So when the heck did your first name become “Mr.”?