Farm Talk's Top 10

10. There’s a guy in a suit and tie shaking hands with everybody at the sale barn and you know the first Tuesday in November can’t be far off.

9. Futures traders switch from over-reacting to summer-related weather reports to over-reacting to harvest-related weather reports.

8. You quit cleaning out the barn, rationalizing you’ll need the extra insulation for winter.

7. The sale barn cafe orders extra ketchup, coffee and Excedrin in anticipation of the fall run.

6. You look with satisfaction at the big round bales stacked next to the ones you didn’t feed last year which are in front of the ones you didn’t get to the year before.

5. Rodents from three counties are moving into your granary.

4. When you complain about your kid texting too much she now claims it’s homework-related.

3. The old-timer at the co-op is talking about thicker cornhusks, an onslaught of wooly bear caterpillars, an abundance of acorns and pigs gathering sticks.

2. Hedge balls make the drive around the pasture even rougher than normal.

1. When the neighbor pulls up to your barn, you have to explain that, no, you weren’t dancing — just trying to get that wet spider’s web off your face.

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