Farm Talk's Top 10

10. At night, hoot owls and coyotes argue like Democrats and Republicans.

9. A whole lotta honking and hollering — either someone won the lottery or the cows are out again.

8. Regularly rumbling the road is an ancient 4X4 square body with 454 big block, glass packs and semi-functional dual exhausts putting out more black smoke than the space shuttle.

7. Twenty-seven million loud-mouth blackbirds feasting on the milo across the road.

6. The county’s ancient road grader is making a pass — granted, that’s only every eight months or so.

5. For the armed citizen up the hill, something is always in season.

4. One dog is barking at an armadillo and the other 35 dogs in the section are barking at his barking.

3. From a quarter mile off, you learn more about your neighbors than you want because they don’t argue with their “inside” voices when they’re outside.

2. You can’t really hear the neighbor’s tub grinder, but you can hear his tractor radio blaring over it.

1. Weaning time — ‘nuff said.

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