10. Your definition of “a little late for supper” and hers differ by a couple of hours.

9. You voted for “the lunatic” and she voted for “the numskull.”

8. She doesn’t recognize the living room interior decorating genius of 47 farm caps and the colorful cattle breeds poster the AI guy gave you.

7. Your colorful baler-fixing language seeps into the kitchen where she’s having coffee with her mother.

6. The welding supply calendar in the shop has very little to do with welding supplies.

5. With a little spare cash in the account, the great dishwasher vs. grill guard debate is renewed.

4. Your “but you’re not my mother” excuse for not getting her a Mother’s Day gift, upon reflection, was an ill-chosen rationale.

3. The tractor tire she turned into a flower bed still has good tread left on it.

2. Without thinking, you put on some cologne before heading to the sale barn and she notices.

1. Nobody wins in a “Steel Magnolias” or “True Grit” argument.