10.  People stare at your Stetson and ignore the kid with the safety pin through his eyebrow.

9.  You stare at people with hair the color of your tractor.

8.  You can’t help but stop and look up every time a vehicle goes by.

7.  Store clerks treat you like you’re on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

6.  You need an MIT degree to operate some of those gas pumps.

5.  Rush hour driving is like being in line at the elevator only slower.

4.  Non-rush hour driving is like navigating your four-wheeler through a NASCAR race.

3.  Habitually leaving the keys in your truck is a real bad idea.

2.  You get turned in for animal abuse for speaking unkindly to the neighbor’s dog digging in your yard.

1.  Turns out, the “Will Work for Food” guy wants 15 bucks an hour, lunch and no heavy lifting.