Farm Talk's Top 10

10. You said I oughta cull her five years ago, Doc, and she’s had two darn nice calves since then.

9. Look at it this way, you bought a half-price bull and he settled half the cows.

8. Keep ‘er — she raised a calf through the drought and she did it with one good eye, three good hooves and no tail.

7. Sure she’s got udder problems but it’s not like she’s going to have quadruplets.

6. Keep ‘er — if we try to haul her to town she’ll tear the trailer apart.

5. According to her tag, she’s either 22, 12 or 2 and since she doesn’t have any teeth and didn’t used to be roan ...

4. Bad as she looks, I hope she’s the neighbor’s.

3. Sell all the open ones? The taxes would kill me.

2. I’m keeping her for the horns.

1. We did turn the bull in, didn’t we?

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