10. If you see a cap laying out in the muddy lot, you’d better look underneath just to be sure.

9. Your neighbor has the planter pulled out of the shed — he’s bluffing.

8. Note to self: consider not turning the bull in so blamed early.

7. Right or wrong, you choose the weather app that’s usually the most optimistic.

6. Well, at least it’s easier to track pasture escapees when there’s snow on.

5. The guy who invented freeze-proof waterers should’ve gotten the Nobel Prize.

4. When you’re praying for moisture, please be more specific as to the form you want it to take.

3. Driving down a two-track drifted road, don’t play chicken with the elderly lady on her way to church — especially if she’s your landlord.

2. It’s a little optimistic to put the rain gauge back out and unload the weights in the back of your pickup in February.

1. Absolutely everything is more annoying below 10 degrees.