10. There are things you can get away with being late for — and things you cannot.

9. You assume all responsibility for the washing machine destruction of important stuff left in your pockets.

8. There’s no such thing as a seed, farm machinery or feed cap that goes with your suit.

7. Questions regarding physical appearance are traps to be avoided.

6. No, she’s not your mother but you darn sure better buy that Mother’s Day gift.

5.  Not everyone can be expected to ID the brockle-face cow with a touch of fescue foot on a dead run.

4. Ironically, the term ‘mud room’ does not mean you can track mud in.

3. Any gift hinting at self-improvement or housekeeping will not be enthusiastically received.

2. For some, shopping is an essential hobby/ sport/compulsion/diversion you will never be able to savvy.

1. Dead animal décor must be limited to your office.