10. Yeah, pretty sure those cows off in the distance are on this side of the fence.

9. The kerplunkjiggyjiggybang sound from the combine doesn’t seem to be getting any worse so, one more round, right?

8. Geopolitical climate, historical trends and gut instinct all point to another market rally so, let’s hang on to those beans a while longer.

7. The cows are nowhere in sight so it ought to be safe to leave the gate open.

6. Fella at the co-op said if you fed beer, eggs and Fruit Loops to the show pigs they’d look great by Fair time — seemed reasonable at the time.

5. So, if I skip my loan payment, they’ll probably lower my interest rate to show they’re not taking me for granted.

4. If I don’t weaken and just stand my ground that high-headed cow’ll stop before she gets to me.

3. Stay on the high side of the wet spot and I’ll be just fine.

2. When the saddle horse gets a little humpy, you just by gosh show him who’s boss.

1. The wife would think a day spa gift certificate would be a foolish birthday present — now, jumper cables…