Farm Talk's Top 10

10. A thank you card for the neighbor who outbid him on those long-haul tail-draggers that sold right before the weather turned cold, wet and nasty.

9. Christmas cakes and cookies for the landlords, providing he can convince “somebody” to bake them.

8. A coffee thermos for the vet so he can get himself woke up the next time he calls him at 3 in the morning.

7. A dozen doughnuts for the boys at the Co-op — better make it two.

6. For himself, a trail cam — for the poachers, not the deer.

5. A bag of premium sweet feed for his saddle horse.

4. A box of chocolates for the ladies at the Farm Service Agency who know more about his farm than he does.

3. A $5 gift certificate for his lender — wouldn’t want her to think he was squandering money.

2. Jumper cables for everyone in the family — or is that what he got them last year?

1. And for his wife? Why is it he can go into one of those mall stores that smell like a perfume factory blew up, knowing she could spend hours ogling all the baubles and he can’t see a darn thing that makes sense?

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