10. While combining, he calculates acres per coffee mug.

9. He catches every single mathematical error the elevator makes that’s not in his favor.

8. His Extension agent has to ask him to refrain from correcting the state specialists at county meetings.

7. He knows 50 percent of the trucking/hauling regulations, which puts him about 50 percent ahead of the people who write them.

6. He actually sold his beans right before the market went on a Flint Hills sleigh ride.

5. Not only does he understand what the feed company Ph.D. bovine nutritionist is saying, he disagrees with him.

4. The local FSA staff ask him to stop by to explain new programs.

3. He can keep track of everything the neighbor has borrowed from him as well as everything he’s borrowed from the neighbor.

2. He can operate his new tractor without a tutorial (more or less).

1. He never argues with his wife.