10. Second floor window replacement due to the inattentive backing of a grain auger.

9. A new mailbox because, well heck, that new planter is a bit wider.

8. Siding repair due to the rotary mower locating the crescent wrench you lost last week.

7. Deck repair necessitated by a wood-chewing gelding turned out in the yard to eat some of that grass that’s just going to waste.

6. Extensive landscape work because the kids’ show pigs have petunia primed palates.

5. Gutter downspout replacement compliments of fence-jumping cow with an itch.

4. Porch railing repairs even though that horse had never, ever, ever pulled back before.

3. A little touch-up paint and putty for the front door after the blue heeler and an armadillo reenacted the Ali-Frazier fight on the front steps.

2. Carpet replacement required by the fact that motor oil doesn’t come out easily and carpet is far more economical than a divorce.

1. Assorted cleanup and repair after an escaped bull finds he doesn’t like the looks of the bull staring back at him in the sliding glass patio door.