10. The windshield wipers on your hay baler tractor aren’t working.

9. The bargain net wrap you bought online is so biodegradable that it disintegrates in the baler.

8. You’re trying to decide whether to cut the fescue too late or the Bermuda too early.

7. You—well actually, your baler—found a section of fence the neighbor’s bull relocated.

6. The black-footed ferret has turned your meadow into an obstacle course.

5. You have to weigh the costs of a potential divorce from missing your anniversary dinner and the cost of buying extra supplement next winter because you missed the hay harvest quality window.

4. After discovering several kilos of illegal substances in hay bales recently, the DEA is setting up road blocks in hay meadows.

3. With all the stormy weather, the term “windrows” has, in effect, become “wind-rolls.”

2. You can’t find a part for your eastern European-made baler on Craig’s List.

1. The kid you hired decided to spell out “Chuck loves Betty Lou” with the hay rake.