10.  Late for your anniversary dinner or let the down-hay get wet — either way you lose.

9.  It’s tough to catch a Johnsongrass-sericea-ragweed-thistle meadow at its absolute nutritional peak.

8.  You’re trying to decide whether to cut the fescue too late or the bermuda too early.

7.  Your baler located a section of fence the neighbor’s bull relocated.

6.  Several bales have desiccated coyote carcasses, snake parts and political advertisements sticking out of them.

5.  The kid you hired to rake seems to be trying to spell out his girlfriend’s name.

4.  Bees. Lots of bees.

3.  With all the stormy weather, the term “windrows” has, in effect, become “wind-rolls.”

2.  You can’t find a part for your unpronounceable eastern European-made baler on Craig’s List.

1.  The windshield wipers on your hay baler tractor aren’t working.