10.  “Cow blight” occurs when poor fences and vegetables with insufficient hoof resistance collide.

 9.  The old hay you put down for mulch contained 87 varieties of 99 percent germ weed seed.

 8.  Your dog takes a break from watering tires and turns his attention to tomato plants.

 7.  A weedy pasture south of the garden, a windy day, 2,4-D — ’nuff said.

 6.  Yes, mares eat oats and does eat oats but little lambs eat everything in the garden when they get out.

 5.  Bermuda-sprigging the pasture was a complete bust but, man, that stuff does great in the garden.

 4.  Looks like the armadillos, the moles, the voles, the blackbirds and the neighbor’s bull had a party in the garden.

 3.  Your wife is a dynamo at planting time but her enthusiasm wanes as weeds appear.

 2.  You plant sweet corn next to field corn, they cross-pollinate, and you get semi-sweet roasting ears and superior stalk strength.

1.  No matter what maturity you plant, the sweet corn is ready during haying time and you miss the whole darn crop.