Farm Talk's Top 10

10. With a little imagination and a big hammer, he can make parts fit that shouldn’t.

9. Although he didn’t do well at math in school, he can figure interest payments in his head.

8. Who else can count out 173 black cows jostling along an eighth-mile dribble of cake — in the rearview mirror?

7. From two hills away, he can ID the the school bus, UPS truck and the pickup owned by the neighbor who can talk and talk forever.

6. He’s a wizard at repairing fence with neither wire nor posts.

5. He can get way more uses out of a vaccination needle than the manufacturer suggests.

4. His long-term memory lapses come in handy when he’s telling his kids how to behave.

3. He can tell the shadow down the road is actually a blitzkrieg of armyworms marching toward his field.

2. Fix almost anything permanently? Nope. Fix almost anything for a little bit? You bet.

1. On the spot and under pressure, he can come up with five semi-believable reasons for being late for supper.

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