10. Multi-block chase ends with mob of winded 4-H dads cornering runaway steer in downtown car wash.

9. Dieting foods judge snaps: devours grand champion cobbler.

8. Fair board president hospitalized for emotional stress after “best three tomatoes” controversy.

7. Market hog show judge treed atop tilt-a-whirl by irate parents.

6. County Extension agent tracked down in Branson; swears he thought fair was next week.

5. Fair mom attempts to block barn alley; rides pig backwards through showmanship class.

4. Steer show judge experiences vocal distress after champ steer ceremonial rump slap ends badly.

3. Farmer irate after pickup mistaken for demo-derby entry.

2. Country music show fans riot after headliner turns out to actually be “Barth Crooks.”

1. Faulty chicken cage latches lead to expanded concession stand menu.