10.  So how come my friend in Iowa rents his farm for twice as much and his place doesn’t even have shade or blackberries?

9.  The girls in my garden club say that if you’d plant marigolds around the edges of the field you wouldn’t have to use those horrible chemicals.

 8.  My wife loves that pasture with little Christmas trees so take good care of them.

 7.  If you double-crop, then double-rent only seems fair.

 6.  I read an article about how you can make a ton of money raising artichokes.

 5.  So you’re telling me if we put lime on all the fields it will make the deer much happier?

 4.  We think those cows with the long horns are much prettier so, from now on...

 3.  Well, we seemed to have gotten plenty of rain in Kansas City.

 2.  My other tenant sends us the nicest gift box at Christmas.

 1.  One of your neighbors called and said he could raise twice as much corn as you.