10. Dibs on the horns if this doesn’t work.

9. Lucky for you, autopsies are half-off this week.

8. If you happen to spot a watch in the cow pies over the next few days ...

7. Herd bull? I guess I did notice those oysters were bigger than the rest.

6. Whoops! No charge for that — and you won’t have to worry about getting blackleg.

5. You know, I majored in Pomeranians in vet school.

4. Well isn’t that odd — that bottle shoulda treated a hundred head, not just 10.

3. Not really sure what this instrument is for. I mostly use it to open bottles.

2. You can put an insecticide tag in a horse’s ear but it’s a lot harder to do it the second time.

1. I believe my calendar’s open all week so call anytime.