10. Either there’s more brindle, one-horned, no-tail, brockle-face, half-Watusi cows in the world than you’d think or we’re driving around in circles.

9. She’s one of these modern county agents — the doughnuts on the right are gluten-free.

8. The guy counting cows? Yeah, he’s a banker.

7. I believe that high-headed cow going over the fence was at the last stop — and the one before that.

6. Oh, my wife’s mad at me ‘cause I asked the hostess what part of the cow that chicken cordon-something-or-other came from.

5. Fifty percent chance of rain — rained on the hay I had down and missed the soybeans.

4. They want my place to be a stop next year — the “before” brush control segment, I’d imagine.

3. Well, well, well, that’s who was bidding against me for that set of steers.

2. Finally, somebody who’s got worse fence than me.

1. So, there’s a cloud of dust goin’ that way and one goin’ that way — which way you reckon we oughta go?