10. Farm fashion pride is out the window — if your wife’s pink floral muffler keeps you warmer, so be it.

9. You can stub your toe on a cow patty.

8. You use a hatchet instead of a coffee can to get sweet feed out of the barrel.

7. The cube feeder sounds like a blender on “frappe.”

6. Decisions, decisions — gloves you can work in or gloves that will keep your fingers from freezing?

5. There’s a huge sale barn crowd because, like you, everybody figured nobody else would show up.

4. You actually ask your wife if she has any around-the-house jobs for you.

3. You get in the truck and drive 30 feet to the next chore stop so you don’t have to walk.

2. The topic at the coffee shop is “why do farm thermometers always read colder than what the weather app says?”

1. Well, to be fair, the automatic waterer was advertised as freeze “resistant.”