10. Settling only half the cows is a big plus in a dry year.

9. He’s a cheap-keeper since half of the grass he eats is over at the neighbor’s.

8. The ability to fit two of his yearlings side-by-side in the chute is a labor saver.

7. He’s self-polled — his horns are stuck in the front grill of your feed truck.

6. The fact that no two of his calves look alike is evidence of a broad genetic base.

5. There’s the sentimental value of a having raised him from a bucket calf.

4. The fact he has limited salvage value is immaterial since you’d have to catch him up first.

3. Mushroom hunters and EPA officials visiting his pasture are sorted out real quick.

2. The county agent must be impressed — he’s always taking pictures of him.

1. He’s taught you that, on a dead run, there isn’t a heckuvalot of difference between good panels and cheap panels.