Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Well, I recall vetoing pheasant season, deer season, the NFR and sale days.

9. And it was hotter’n blazes — I remember that.

8. We’d finally got the fescue baled up after it’d been rained on a few times.

7. Pretty sure it was a week or so after the Farm Show where we bought the new post-hole auger — still got the thing but it’s seen alotta rocks.

6. The double-stock cattle had been gathered and hauled off — gained damn near a pound and a half and only had one piece of branded hide.

5. Corn was at R5 — just dentin’ — so we had a little time.

4. The county fair was over and the wedding got me outa some of the cleanup.

3. And, if memory serves, there was enough volunteer wheat in the stubble that it oughta’d been baled.

2. My operating note was due that day — believe I was a little late that year.

1. Well heck, it was August 1st, honey — and you thought I forgot!

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